Noah S. Friedman 875-A Island Drive #275
Alameda, CA 94502

Skills and Experience

Professional History

Yahoo! Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA) Sep 1999 to Dec 2004
(Formerly Inktomi Corporation; Foster City, CA)
Toolsmith/Platform Engineer.

Designed the OEM Web Search billing system and the Paid Inclusion/Paid Referral program's clickthrough tracking and fraud-detection systems. Specified hardware requirements. Designed and implemented database schema, stored procedures, data warehouse aggregation and rotation policies; and the log file collection and processing subsystems.

Wrote tools for the Web Search and Inktomi Commerce divisions including remote power management applications, disk monitoring and burn-in tools, and service uptime monitors. Assisted with the maintenance of a web search demo portal, adding enhancements as necessary to showcase new features to OEM customers.

Provided an administration console framework and developer toolkit for the Yahoo! Instant Messenger service, for use by engineering and operations groups to manage a distributed, heterogenous network of component services. Specified client/server protocols and data formats, APIs for plugins and handlers for additional languages; wrote core server components and libraries; wrote three initial applications to fulfill proposed use cases; provided training for handoff to Operations.

Provided in-house support for Mailman, modifying it to support web-based list creation and deletion; Sendmail and DNEWS integration; and integration with the company's automated employee termination process.

Critical Path (San Francisco, CA) May 1999 to Aug 1999
Software Engineer for Product Development.

Wrote tools to check for consistency and syntax in localization message catalogs, and wrote customer data migration tools.

Netscape Communications Corp (Mountain View, CA) Oct 1996 to May 1999
Information Systems Unix Architect.

Responsible for company wide multi-platform support of third party libraries and tools used for product development. Maintained local changes to CVS, GCC, and other programs. Managed company CVS repository including customized integrity checks and access control; repository integration, and project migration; performance tuning, load balancing, and mirroring. Helped build

Self employed Jun 1995 to Sep 1996
Freelance consulting for the Hearst Corporation, Illuminati Online, and the US Geological Survey.
Computational Logic, Inc. (Austin, TX) Oct 1994 to Dec 1995
Wrote cross-referencing tools and a web search interface for the documentation system in ACL2, a mechanical theorem prover. Maintenance and enhancement of free software, especially GNU Emacs. Wrote a UPS monitoring program. Assistance with system administration.
Free Software Foundation (Cambridge, MA) Feb 1991 to Sep 1994
Performed system administration for a heterogeneous network, maintained and released software, made distribution tapes and CD-ROM releases (both premastering and typesetting), coordinated volunteers, edited and typeset a biannual bulletin for publication.

References available upon request.